Home Care CEO Endorses AlzBetter

Home Care CEO Endorses AlzBetter

Rising Alzheimer’s and dementia rates among older adults are major drivers of the demand for in-home personal care services…

By Stephen Tweed

Data shows that rising Alzheimer’s and dementia rates among older adults are major drivers of the demand for in-home personal care services. More home care companies are standing out in local markets by offering specialized Alzheimer’s programs for clients and their families.

Nearly a decade ago, we met Gary Skole and Andrew Dubler, the founders of Home to Stay, a very successful and growing home care company in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Andrew and Gary recognized the need for specialty Home Care services for their clients with Alzheimer’s.  They created their own program called “AlzBetter” and introduced it to their clients in southern New Jersey,  

Home to Stay continues to grow and serve Home Care clients in Southern New Jersey.  They are a member of our Top 10% Home Care Mastermind Group. 

Gary and Andrew’s successful program inspired them to create AlzBetter, a new company sharing Alzheimer’s care expertise with senior care providers.

We Endorse AlzBetter

Our team at The Home Care CEO Forum endorses AlzBetter to help you create and grow a specialty program for your Home Care company for three reasons:

Three Decades of Experience

Since 1989, Andrew and Gary have been providing senior care support for families and healthcare organizations. Their extensive experience and expertise can give your home care company a significant competitive edge in serving your local market.

Proven Clinical Expertise

AlzBetter’s programs and services have been rigorously evaluated by a panel of Alzheimer’s care experts, who endorse their effectiveness. The care management process and activities provided by AlzBetter have been shown to improve clients’ quality of life and slow the progression of the disease.

Applied Technology
The AlzBetter process utilizes cutting-edge technology to offer an online Dementia 360 operating system for managing client care.
This comprehensive system boasts an online Learning Management System tailored for training both office team members and caregivers. Moreover, it incorporates the AlzBetter APP, an innovative partner-enabled tool providing round-the-clock support.

Create Competitive Advantage with AlzBetter

Home care companies seeking a competitive edge in the local market can leverage the AlzBetter program. Connect with the AlzBetter team to discover how this remarkable technology can be applied to your company, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.