Gearing Up for Mastermind Season

Gearing Up for Mastermind Season

With the arrival of spring, The Home Care CEO Forum initiates its “Mastermind Season”…

By Jensen Jones

As the spring season beckons, it’s time for the commencement of “Mastermind Season”
at The Home Care CEO Forum. Our CEO Mastermind groups convene in person twice
annually for two days each – once in the spring and once in the fall.

This spring, the Top 5% Mastermind is journeying to Phoenix to engage with one of their
esteemed member companies. Meanwhile, the Top 7% Group will embark on a visit to
Dallas to connect with one of our Top 5% member agencies. The Top 10% group is set
to convene in Denver for comprehensive organizational deep dives, while the Strategic
Growth groups will assemble, both jointly and separately, to explore insights from one of
our Top 10% agencies in Atlanta.

If you’ve contemplated joining a Home Care CEO Mastermind Group, seize the opportunity to schedule a call with either myself or Stephen Tweed. We’re eager to learn more about you and your company, and to offer insights into our diverse Mastermind Groups. Subsequently, you’ll have the chance to participate in a monthly group call and consider attending the in-person meeting scheduled for April or May, should you find the group aligns with your objectives.

In addition to resuming in-person meetings, we anticipate an enriching year filled with content on our monthly calls. We’ve outlined discussion topics for our monthly Mastermind Town Hall and group meetings throughout the year, covering areas such as accountability, leadership development, and benchmarking. We maintain flexibility in our schedule to accommodate emergent industry trends or issues.

We Have a Group for You

We currently have openings for independent home care companies in the following
groups (provided there’s no existing competitor within the group):

  • Top 5% (10 Million+ in top-line revenue)
  • Top 7% (6.5 Million-10 Million in top-line revenue)
  • Top 10% (3.5 Million-6.5 Million in top-line revenue)
  • Strategic Growth Mastermind (1.5 Million-3.5 Million in top-line revenue)

Now is an opportune moment to consider joining a Mastermind Group. There’s ample time for discussion, followed by attendance at the monthly meeting for your prospective group, before making your decision to join and participate in the in-person gathering.

For more detailed information on the Home Care CEO Mastermind Groups, please refer to the following link: