Homecare’s Next Generation of Support

Homecare’s Next Generation of Support

Jensen Morgan & Jones LLC is excited to announce the acquisition of Leading Home Care’s “Homecare CEO Forum”.

Jensen Morgan & Jones LLC

Jensen Morgan & Jones LLC is excited to announce the acquisition of Leading Home Care’s “Homecare CEO Forum”. The Homecare CEO Forum has been a valued resource and a place of support for Homecare’s Top Tier CEOs since 2012. The brainchild of Stephen Tweed and Elizabeth Jefferies as a membership network that included online learning, live workshops, private duty field trips, mastermind groups and a vast online library of information, data, and educational programs for private pay home care. Independent home care agencies have come to this forum as a way of connecting, sharing ideas, and growing their businesses.

Jensen Jones, Owner of Jensen Morgan & Jones LLC, provides executive coaching, facilitation, and consulting services in homecare. As a former President of a homecare agency and member of the Top 7% Homecare CEO Forum mastermind group (turned facilitator), Jensen has been affiliated with the brand since 2018. Called to the homecare industry, Jensen knows his purpose is to continue to support, connect, and uplift top-tier agencies across the US.

The synergies between these two brands are the perfect recipe to continue the legacy of the Homecare CEO Forum.  On January 2, 2023, Jensen Jones will take over as Owner/CEO of the Homecare CEO Forum. Stephen Tweed will continue to facilitate the Top 5% mastermind group and provide advisory services and support. He will continue to operate as Leading Home Care’s Owner and CEO. Jill Scott will stay on board as Manager of Member Services.

As home care continues to evolve, we understand that such a resource is invaluable to the industry. The Homecare CEO Forum will continue to:

  • Support and grow the mastermind groups
  • Schedule in-person meetings
  • Conduct monthly meetings and town halls for the mastermind groups
  • Provide individualized advisory services
  • Provide tools and resources for agencies
  • Introduce an Executive Strategy Retreat
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