Recognizing Excellence: Clear Path Home Care & Phillip Billingsley, Top 100 COO

Recognizing Excellence: Clear Path Home Care & Phillip Billingsley, Top 100 COO

Recognizing Excellence: Phillip Billingsley

By Jensen Jones

Today, the Homecare CEO Forum is thrilled to shine a spotlight on distinguished
mastermind member, Phillip Billingsley, an exemplary leader and Chief Operating
Officer (COO) nominated for the prestigious Top 100 COO Award. Phillip’s journey with
Clear Path Home Care, a family-owned agency serving Texas and Colorado, has been
marked by passion, commitment, and a profound impact on the home care industry.

Clear Path Home Care

Established in 2013 by Michele and J.M. Simmonds, Clear Path Home Care goes
beyond being a business; it is a commitment to providing high-quality, personalized
care. In 2020, Phillip Billingsley joined as an equity partner, aligning with leadership to
expand. His impact on the organization, the Homecare CEO community, and the
industry at large is evident in the peer recognition he received through the Top 100 COO
Award. With servant leadership at the forefront for Clear Path, Phillip has helped to
transform the agency, fostering a supportive environment that extends beyond
professional realms. As a valued member of the Homecare CEO Forum community, he
has showcased operational brilliance, exceptional leadership, and an unwavering
passion for driving innovation.

Top 100 COO Award

This peer-voted award recognizes leaders who have made considerable impacts on
their organizations, shown exceptional leadership, contributed to their professional
community through thought leadership, and demonstrated innovation in their roles.

Phillip Billingsley’s nomination for the Top 100 COO Award is a testament to his outstanding contributions and a strong representation for the home care industry. Proudly managing in-home personal care services and co-owning a Senior Living Facility, Phillip’s impact extends beyond his role. His team often comments about his accessibility, care for each individual, and a compassionate leadership style that expects greatness while recognizing and rewarding his team. With a distinguished record, his servant leadership style and operational acumen is a valued asset, making him an integral part of driving Clear Paths’ growth and commitment to changing lives.

Changing Lives

Phillip’s commitment to changing lives is not confined to his professional endeavors. His caring nature extends to personal relationships, reflecting trust, strength, and confidence. In a world where trust is invaluable, meeting someone like Phillip is indeed a breath of fresh air. His impact is felt not just in the home care industry but in the lives he touches beyond the professional realm.

Homecare CEO Mastermind Member

The Homecare CEO Mastermind has played a support role in Clear Paths journey.
Starting in the Strategic Growth group, Clear Path Home Care has grown rapidly and is
now proudly a member of the Top 5% mastermind group. Our groups provide a unique
space for agency owners to support one another, offering clarity and perspective when
navigating complex situations. The mastermind’s collaborative and supportive
environment provides invaluable knowledge and expertise, enabling agencies to thrive.
In Conclusion:
Phillip Billingsley’s journey and Clear Path Home Care’s commitment to excellence
exemplify the values upheld by the Homecare CEO Forum of Community, Education,
and Service to Others”. The Top 100 COO Award nomination is a testament to Phillip’s
impact on the industry, and the agency’s growth showcases the transformative power of
As we celebrate Phillip’s achievements, we are reminded of the collective strength of a
community dedicated to changing lives and fostering excellence in home care. You can
help support Phillip by voting to place him in the top 10 of COO’s @