How Recruiting and Marketing Are Converging In Home Care Caregiver Attraction

How Recruiting and Marketing Are Converging In Home Care Caregiver Attraction

In the dynamic landscape of the modern home care workforce, the boundaries between marketing and recruitment are blurring…

By Stephen Tweed

In the dynamic landscape of the modern home care workforce, the boundaries between marketing and recruitment are blurring. Employers are realizing the importance of applying marketing strategies to attract and retain high-quality caregivers. As the demand for high quality caregivers continues to surge, recruiters are acknowledging the pivotal role marketing tactics play in their quest for the best employees.

To get a better understanding of this, we talked with Jason Tweed, Managing Partner at Mediastead, a digital marketing and recruiting firm specializing in working with top tier home care companies.

Jason has recognized the parallels between recruiting and marketing and devised a 90-Day Recruitment and Retention Playbook. Let’s explore these key points and delve into the world of Human Resources in the evolving job market.

Yes! I am biased. Jason is my son, and I am very proud of him and what he and his team at Mediastead have built.  I think you will be pleased with these insights to help you find and keep the caregivers you need to grow your home care business. 

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Recruitment Meets Marketing: A Symbiotic Relationship

Recruitment and marketing may have traditionally been seen as distinct domains, but as the lines blur, they increasingly intersect. Jason Tweed aptly points out that recruiting is no longer just about filling positions; it’s about selling your organization to potential candidates. Recruiting has metamorphosed into a form of marketing. Strategies and techniques from both fields are converging to create a synergy that benefits businesses and job seekers alike.

Parallels Between Recruiting and Marketing

To succeed in both recruitment and marketing, certain parallels are clearly evident. Companies with strong brand recognition have a significant advantage, just as those with deep community ties. Creating compelling content is as vital for recruiting as it is for marketing; it helps convey the message effectively. We’ve found that a highly effective technique for creating compelling content is through the use of stories. Using your personal stories is most powerful. 

Better Prospecting Wins

Recruiters, like marketers, are always on the hunt for untapped potential. Just as marketers look for untapped pools of potential customers, recruiters seek out prospective workers who may not be on every company’s radar. The key is to discover hidden talent pools that other recruiters have yet to uncover. This increases the odds of finding exceptional candidates.

Focus on Pain Points

In both recruiting and marketing, capturing attention often means addressing urgent issues. For many workers living paycheck to paycheck, changing jobs must be as seamless as possible. Offering a streamlined application process, a small signing bonus, and the assurance of available hours can give recruiters a significant advantage in attracting talent.

Listening to the Applicant

While a quick paycheck is essential for many applicants, it’s not the sole concern for everyone. Some applicants may have other pain points that shouldn’t be overlooked. Building rapport through active listening ensures that recruiters excel in hiring but also improves their chances of retaining talent long term.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

In the marketing world, companies assign sales reps to high-value clients to ensure they have a smooth experience. In recruitment, a similar approach can be applied. New employees often prefer peer-to-peer mentoring over strict supervision. Recognizing a mentor’s role and their contribution to new employees enhances the mentee’s experience. It also boosts the mentor’s sense of value. This is crucial for retaining both parties.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In today’s evolving workforce landscape, Human Resources executives are shifting their focus from quantity to quality. The supply is no longer unlimited, and eligibility screenings add another layer of complexity.

Some of the critical KPIs identified by Mediastead for home care agencies include:

Days to First Paycheck: This metric reflects the on-boarding process. This is the time it takes for an applicant to transition from being hired to receiving their first paycheck. A shorter on-boarding process is essential for keeping employees satisfied.

90-Day Retention Rate: Improving this rate can significantly reduce overall turnover. It’s crucial to not only attract better candidates but also keep them content with their roles.

Average Length of Service: This KPI provides insight into the continuity of employees within an organization. Different industries may have varying expectations, tracking and extending the average length of service over time can be a valuable indicator of long-term success.

In conclusion, recruitment and marketing are increasingly intertwined in today’s home care job market. To succeed in attracting and retaining top talent, home care businesses must recognize the synergies between the two fields. By adopting marketing tactics, focusing on pain points, and utilizing key performance indicators, organizations can position themselves as employers of choice. and thrive in the evolving workforce landscape. Jason Tweed’s 90-Day Recruitment and Retention Playbook provides a valuable road map for navigating this evolving terrain. This ensures that businesses stay competitive and continue to grow.

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