Resources To Grow Your Home Care Business

Resources To Grow Your Home Care Business

At the Home Care CEO Forum, our aim is to assist you in envisioning a desirable company vision…

At the Home Care CEO Forum, we want to help you see a vision of a desirable future, craft your
company culture, create competitive advantage in the marketplace, and develop a strategic growth plan
to create the company you want.

One of the ways we do that is to introduce you to other resources that can help you achieve your goals
and fulfill your vision. Our Resource Partner Program is a group of companies that are dedicated to
serving the home care industry, and who bring unique capabilities to help you grow.
We want to celebrate the companies who have been our Resource Partners this
year, and who have worked closely with our Mastermind Members, Newsletter Subscribers, and
Strategic Business Coaching Clients.

Endorsed by The Home Care CEO Forum

Each of these companies is publicly endorsed and promoted by Jensen Jones and Stephen Tweed of the
Home Care CEO Forum. This are companies with a proven track record serving home care, and where
we have a personal relationships with the owners and can attend to their honesty, integrity, and focus
on home care.

Carework – the leading Home Care Recruiting System helping home care companies recruit and hire
high quality caregivers.

Connect Forward Training – the leading home care sales training service helping home care companies
apply a proven process for building relationships with high potential referral partners.

Home Care Association of America – the largest national association specifically for companies that
provide in-home personal care to older adults.

Jensen Morgan And Jones – the leading home care consulting company offering operations business
coaching exclusively for home care companies.

Leading Home Care … a Tweed Jeffries company – providing keynote speeches, strategic business
coaching, and industry research specifically for the home care industry.

Mediastead – the leading provider of digital recruiting and digital marketing specifically for home care
companies who want to attract more caregivers and attract more clients.

Mertz – Taggart – the leading Mergers and Acquisitions advisory firm dedicated to helping home care
leaders who want to sell or buy a home care company.

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